About Me & PCD

As a little girl, I would always play dress-up in my mom's closet and hours next to her mom's sewing scraping stitching together doll clothes. Along with dressing dolls, she loved dressing friends, family, and herself. After years of falling in love with all things fashion, at the age of 16, she began her journey by directing, producing, and creating all the designs for her very own fashion show. A special person in the audience advised her to audition for the first season of "Project Runway - Threads", now titled "Project Runway Junior ". Although she did not make it to Filming the show, she gained confidence, experience, and motivation for fashion industries endeavors ahead. The summer before senior year, she completed fashion show number 2, raising funds that contributed to earning an International Minor in human sciences through a study abroad program in Arricia, Italy. She graduated in December of 2019 with a bachelor's degree in Apparel Design & Production Management. Every day in the industry has taught her life lessons, enhanced both professional and craft skills while making as most connections as possible. Most importantly, she aims to give back to others along the way. She is, Mariah LorDaisia Gullatte: Apparel Designer, Events Coordinator, and Creator.

As a designer, British royalty inspires her to dress every man and woman like royalty. She aspires to share a story through each garment being handmade. I draw inspiration from my family, my belief in God, the femininity of a woman's curvy silhouette, and the simplicity of bright and bold colors. Whatever your style may be, I aim to make each client feel royal, valued, and special inside and out.

PCD Boutique, Princess Closet Designs is a retail online clothing boutique serving curated looks by the Designer, Mariah G. 

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Mariah G.